Wax carving advent calendar now available!

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A Christmas tree from blue wax standing on wax dust snow

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Here is a list of everything that’s covered in the Wax Carvers Trailblazer advent calendar.

If a description is unclear contact me and I'll do my best to describe it better. I'm still trying to keep it a little bit mysterious ;)

  1. File a perfect 90 degree angled cube
  2. Swirly textured earrings

A pair of swirly earrings from green wax. The wax is textured

  1. How to support your work best when working
  2. File a geometric shape
  3. Fixing breakages
  4. Different ways of creating a rope-like pattern
  5. File a bead
  6. Bezel setting from wax wire
  7. File a taper
  8. Drawing with wax on paper
  9. Granulation

A court shaped ring from purple wax with blue granulation

  1. Wax wire mandala
  2. Removing weight from a piece
  3. Finishing the bead
  4. How to measure equal distances
  5. Making variations of the same piece
  6. 3 bail ideas
  7. Dipping in liquid wax
  8. Create the inside shape of a setting with a saw
  9. Build up a ring with a wax pen
  10. File a comfort fit on a ring
  11. 4 sided pendant from wax sheet
  12. Smooth finish with a scalpel
  13. Claw setting from wax wire

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If you're still unsure email me info@waxcarvers.com