So you want to learn Wax Carving!

Whether you’re completely new to wax carving or have some experience and want to expand your skills. There’s a class available for you!

Wax carving is a fun jewellery making technique where you transform an unassuming piece of wax into a beautiful piece of jewellery! Learn to carve rings and 3-dimensional shapes. Classic jewellery pieces and bold statement jewellery. Anything is possible in wax! In the online classes, you learn how to carve your own piece of jewellery from wax. Ready to be cast in the metal of your choice. Classes include videos, showing you exactly how to make the piece of jewellery. Written handouts are provided. And every Monday I answer your questions. Curious what pieces of jewellery you can make?

What's new?

On the blog

Are you thinking of giving sheet and wire wax a try? In the newest blog post, I cover some techniques and experimentations that go into making jewellery from these soft waxes.

Variety of pieces made from green and pink sheet wax and blue wire wax. 2 bangles, some flower pieces and rings

Behind the scenes

New year, same me. The studio is a mess after preparing so many material boxes for the advent calendar. I almost feel ready to give it a good clean and start making again. Almost.

Chair filled with packages ready to ship

With the classes

I’m recovering from all the work that went into the advent calendar. A new class will take a while. Let me highlight an existing class for you instead! Stacking rings are a perfect place to start learning wax carving. You learn everything about measuring, filing, precisions and loads of other skills you need for all your wax carving projects!

Close up of hand holding 6 stacking rings alternating wax and silver ones
Photo of me, Sandy.

Hi I'm Sandy!

I’m the CEO (Chief EVERYTHING Officer) here at Wax Carvers. I did my first jewellery making class in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I didn’t fall in love with wax carving until 2018 though. Now wax carving is one of my main loves. And what do you do with love? You spread it around! That’s why I decided to teach wax carving! Make wax carving available to you so you can go ahead and fall in love with it yourself.

Do you want to know what tools you need to get started with wax carving? Do you want to know what wax color you should get? Do you want to know how you can set up a quick bench when you don’t have space for a dedicated one? All these topics and more are covered on the blog! A new post is published every other Tuesday. So you can keep coming back to learn more about wax carving.

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