What Tools Do I Need?

Tools and materials aren’t included in the price. If you already make jewellery in metal, you can use the same tools for wax. If you're just starting out, get the essential tools to start with. You can always upgrade to the less essential tools (drills especially are expensive). You can buy tools and materials from all jewellery suppliers online or in shops. The one I use in Europe is Cooksongold and a big one in the US is Rio Grande. Have a google though, every country has their own suppliers. Cooksongold sells wax starter kits, so have a look for those at other suppliers as well.

Essential tools

  • Jewellers saw and blades

  • Bench pin

  • Wax ring sizer

  • Ring stick

  • Dividers

  • Ruler

  • Hand files

  • Scalpel

  • Fine tip permanent marker

Less Essential

  • Small unit Scale

  • Callipers/vernier gauge (something to measure your wax)

  • (Wax) needle files

  • Foredom/micromotor (something to drill) and burrs

  • Set square

  • Wax carving tools

  • Wax pen

  • Wax sawblades


I use blue wax, but get a different color if you feel like it.

  • Round ring wax tube with centre hole

  • Flat top ring wax tube with centre hole

  • Wax block or wax slices (slices are easier, less prep work)

  • Wax bracelet bar (decide yourself if you want oval or round bangles)


Please just use whatever gemstone you have lying around for the projects. If you don’t have any gemstones, get CZs as long as you are practicing. Gemstones covered are cabochons, rosecuts, faceted and beads. Oval and round stones are going to be easiest and bigger stones easier than smaller. If you want a challenge, get a stone with a point as well.

  • Faceted

  • Cabochons

  • Rosecut

  • Beads