Terms and Conditions

The privacy policy protects you, the terms and conditions protect me

Section 1 - Terms

By visiting the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and follow any applicable laws and regulations.

Don’t share the course with others. I work hard on the classes and deserve to be paid by everyone who takes them.

Don't hack my website, we all have better things to do.

Section 2 — Use license

Want to refer the course to a friend? You can screenshot images to share with friends and discuss, no problem. This does not mean you own the image though and you do not have permission to use it for commercial use, or pass it off as your own work. You are making your own waxes now, use those!

Section 3 - Price modifications

I reserve the right to change my prices. Making a class is hard work! If I feel that I need to make more money on the classes I'll increase the price.

Section 4 — Accuracy of account information

I'm trusting you to provide me with your correct information. If you provide a wrong email address I have no way of contacting you, so please check your information carefully before purchasing.

Section 5 - Billing

Class fee has to be paid in full before you get access to the videos. There are no refunds.

Section 6 - Termination

I reserve the right to terminate your access to the classes at my own discretion, without notice or liability.

Section 7 — Revisions and errata

Look, English is not my first language, so I expect there to by typos from time to time! I'll immediately update if I see them (or am told) though. I can also update photos or change the layout of the page where I see fit.

Basically, the website is a work in progress. Mistakes are made and fixed as quickly as possible.

Section 8 — Links

I might link to other websites from time to time, but I won't continuously check if the link is still working.

Clicking on links that go outside of my website is at your own discretion.

Section 9 — Site terms of use modifications

I'll update the terms and conditions when I have something new to add. By using the website you agree to be bound by the most current version.

Last update: January 4th, 2022