Stacking Rings

Another classic ring to make in wax. Wax makes it easy to file your ring perfectly into that flat top. And getting the top perfectly flat? That’s just patience and practice.

This class is perfect if you want to make a classic ring. Or make a modern version of the classic! Signet rings come in many shapes and sizes.

Photo of Process

Techniques covered

  • Pierce and size a ring blank
  • Filing parallel and how to measure this
  • Use a set square to get 90-degree angles
  • File a tapered ring band
  • Create different shaped signets
  • Create different shaped ring bands to match the top of your ring
  • File and blend the top of the ring smoothly into the ring band
  • Check your work for symmetry and evenness from all angles

Tools and materials


  • Flat top ring wax with centre hole
  • Benchpeg
  • Jewellers saw and saw blades (regular saw blades work, but skip a tooth or waxblades make piercing easier)
  • Hand files 0 and 2 cut (0 cut to do the major work and 2 cut to give it a clean finish). If you have different cuts in your hand files, they’ll do the job just as well. It just takes a bit longer or shorter depending on the cut you have.
  • Wax ring sizer
  • Ring stick
  • Callipers/vernier gauge (dixieme gauge works as well)
  • Dividers
  • Ruler
  • Set square
  • needle files
  • Permanent marker
  • Dentist scalpel


Carving tools


What’s included

  • 47 page PDF with photos and written instructions. You can download the PDF for easier access.
  • 5 instructional videos, around 100 minutes total
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all the material

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Tutor - Sandy Pfaff

Hi I’m Sandy. I make all the waxes you see in the videos and photos. But I also write the handout, make the videos and edit them into the tutorial videos. Out of all these, wax carving is definitely my strong point.

I trained at the school of jewellery in Dublin, where I learned wax carving. After finishing my degree, I taught at the school for a year and worked at a jewellery shop as a bench jeweller/sales person.

While travelling through Asia for the past two years (pre pandemic), I took some short courses to expand my skills and rented bench space to keep making jewellery (need a recommendation of jewellery classes in Asia/bench rental? Ask me!) Personal highlight was teaching a wax carving workshop at Lucy Walker in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides my training, I’ve practiced A LOT. Add a healthy dose of stubbornness (I won’t let wax breaking defeat me!) to keep trying until I can make what I set out to make. There’s broken waxes and first attempts in my scrap wax box. I’m proud of those, because practice is the only way to get better.

This class is made with love. I love wax carving and I’m excited to teach you.

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