Casting Companies

Looking for a casting company near you?

Here you can find a list of casting companies from around the world. I’ve personally used a few of these and the others have been recommended to me. I would like to keep growing this list and add even more places to it. So if you want to recommend your casting company (or yourself!) email me the details and I’ll add it to this list!

Where possible I’ve included the website of the company. But some of these places are very old school. No website or social media! You have to make do with just an address and hope for the best when you show up!

No company listed near you? Just google it! That’s how I’ve been able to find new casting companies in new places. Look for ‘casting company (city you’re in)’.

When I moved to Vienna last year I looked for casting company Vienna. That gave me a whole lot of modeling agencies! So I looked for jewellery casting company Vienna and found the kind of casting company I was looking for.

Add jewellery or silver/gold to your search if just casting company is not giving you results. And if English is not the language spoken in your country, translate it to your own language and look again. If you can’t find anything in your city, broaden your search for the next biggest city, or maybe even look countrywide.

You WILL find something if you take some time to look for it.

And please email me your casting recommendations if it’s not on the list already!

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