About the classes

On the first of the month, a new class is released. Each class is a standalone piece of jewellery, this way you can just learn to make the pieces you’re interested in. I do try to teach a new technique or skill each month, so you continue to learn and grow as a jewellery maker.

Each class covers a full run-through of how to make the piece, different variations of it and suggestions on how to finish it. If I know multiple ways to make a piece, all are covered. The whole making process is shown in the tutorial videos.

Monthly Wax Carving Classes

Each video has its own written handout with photos and step by step instructions as well. It's possible to download and print the handouts.

Have a question? You can leave a comment on the video and I’ll answer it. The questions and answers are visible to everyone that has bought the class. You can have a read through what others have asked, maybe your question is already answered.

Questions and comments

A fictitious client brief is included with the class. In it you’ll find some design guidelines and specifications to help get you started on your own pieces.

If you’re completely new to making jewellery I recommend starting with stacking rings. It covers many basic filing techniques that you can use for everything going forward from there. If you have experience already, I recommend choosing the class that speaks to you the most!

Handouts and client briefs

About Me

Hi I’m Sandy! I took my first jewellery making class in 2012 and was immediately sold. My love for wax carving wasn’t formed immediately though (first love will always be soldering). In 2018 my husband and I decided to travel through Asia, which we did until pandemic. During those 2 years my love for wax carving started.

There was only limited space in my backpack for tools and supplies and guess what doesn’t need a lot of tools and supplies? You are correct! Wax carving. I attached my benchpeg to kitchen tables, desks, kitchen counters, night stands and shelves inside closets and happily carved away.

Me - Sandy Pfaff

The more I did it, the more I loved it. The more I experimented, the better I got. Now I can safely say that I love wax carving. And I want to spread the wax carving love by teaching you!

For the official part: I trained at the school of jewellery in Dublin, where I also learned wax carving. After finishing my degree, I taught at the school for a year and I also taught a wax carving workshop at Lucy Walker in Kuala Lumpur.

Me doing some work!

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