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Wax Carvers advent calendar

Advent Calendar Overview

Are you looking for a creative advent calendar this year? One filled with variety where every day is different? An advent calendar where you learn new jewellery making techniques and skills you can use going forward, looooong after the advent calendar has finished? Then the Wax Carvers advent calendar is what you’re looking for!

Every day (for 24 days starting December 1st) you get access to a new class. The classes are all pre-recorded videos you can watch online as often as you want with written PDF instructions included.

Half the classes are full projects: you learn to make a full piece that’s ready for casting by the time you’re done.

Half the classes are techniques: you learn and practice a specific technique and it’s up to you to use these in your future jewellery pieces.

At the end of the advent calendar, you have 12 finished pieces and a whole range of new knowledge!

You can add a material box, which includes all the wax you need for the 24 days and enough extra for practicing. This also gives you the excitement of opening a new present every day!

This year you can choose between 2 completely different advent calendars!


First released last year in 2022. Back for another year of advent carving fun!

Some of Trailblazer classes include making textured flowy earrings from sheet wax, granulation, and making a claw setting!


First release in December this year. Ready for its debut of advent carving fun!

Some of Explorer classes include making a puzzle ring, inlay, and making a bezel with a decorative edge!

Don’t like surprises and want to know exactly what you’re getting? Click the link to see the full class overview.


Show me all the Trailblazer classes and Explorer classes.

What’s included in the material box?

  • Enough wax each day to make your project, plus extra for a practice piece or 2.
  • All the different wax colors! You get to try them out without the cost of buying all at full size and price.
  • Gemstones! 3 of them to be exact.
  • Some small tools. Not the general carving tools, these are more for embellishing purposes.

What wax do I need if I don’t get the material box?

  • Ring wax
  • Wax tablets or a block
  • Sheet wax
  • Wax wire
  • Cowdery profiles (Trailblazer only)
  • Mold-a-wax (Trailblazer only)
  • Mitsuro Hikime (Explorer only)

You get a more detailed list of the wax needed with quantities and thicknesses in an email.

What tools do I need?

Here are the tools you need to make the most of the advent calendar:

Basic jewellery tools: Piercing saw and sawblades, hand files and needle files, drill and drill bits/burrs, calipers, set square, dividers, ring mandrel, bangle mandrel (Explorer only)

Wax specific tools: wax pen or other heating system, wax ring sizer, carving tools. A way to melt a larger amount of wax. Doesn’t have to be fancy! A tealight and glass can do the trick!

Random: ruler, marker, scissors, tape, cutting mat, stanley knife, rolling pin (Explorer only)

If you’re missing a tool send me an email info@waxcarvers.com I can let you know how often you need it and we can discuss possible work arounds.

How does it work?

When you buy the calendar nothing happens yet, it’s too early! You’re guaranteed access to the calendar and have to patiently wait until later this year.

  • Material boxes ship in November.
  • At the end of November, you receive an email with instructions to set up an account. You can watch a short account walkthrough on how to watch the classes, add subtitles to the videos, and where to ask questions.
  • On the 1st of December, you can log in to your account to watch the first class. I have to release the classes manually and this gets done at a Central European Timezone friendly time :)
  • On the 2nd of December, the second class gets released, etc etc.
  • On the 24th, all classes are released and you have access to them permanently.
  • During the 24 days, I answer questions daily.
  • After the 24 days, I answer questions once a week on Monday, like the rest of my classes.

This is EXACTLY what I want! I love to get the

  • Trailblazer classes. You get access to all the Trailblazer classes and use your own wax and tools.

  • Trailblazer classes + material box. You get access to all the Trailblazer classes AND you receive a box with wax for the different projects. You need to use your own tools.  

    (plus shipping, fees and duties)
  • Explorer classes. You get access to all the Explorer classes and use your own wax and tools.

  • (plus shipping, fees and duties)

    Explorer classes + material box. You get access to all the Explorer classes AND you receive a box with wax for the different projects. You need to use your own tools.  

If your country isn’t listed as a shipping destination, email me (info@waxcarvers.com). I have to add all the countries manually.You are the first in your country to buy the advent calendar!


Is this for beginners?

In order to get the most out of the advent calendar, you need to have tools yourself already. You can read the 'What tools do I need?' if you scroll up 3 sections. If you’ve never made jewellery before, and don’t have any tools, this is probably not for you.

If you have the tools covered, the advent calendar is beginner friendly. Beginner classes are taught together with more advanced ones. As long as you’re willing to learn and don’t mind trying a few times to get it perfect, this is the advent calendar for you.

Is it holiday themed?

Nope. The advent calendar is not Christmas themed. For me an advent calendar is completely separate from Christmas. It’s a few weeks of fun daily surprises! The pieces you learn to make have nothing to do with Christmas.

I’m interested but have no time in December

I completely understand, December is a busy period! If you don’t have time for a daily project, you can do them at your own pace. On the 24th of December, all the classes are released and you have permanent access to them. You can do a few in January, and another couple in March. Wait until the summer if that’s better for you. You decide your own timeline for doing the classes!

What’s the difference between Trailblazer and Explorer?

They’re sisters! Same construction, different personalities. One isn’t better than the other, they’re unique and equally loved!

I can’t decide which one to get….

I’ve gotten myself 2 advent calendars for the past few years, I completely understand!

Let me know, and I can give you a discount on the classes if you get both! Material boxes won’t be discounted and the price for shipping changes based on weight.

What if I have questions?

There’s space inside the classes to ask me questions. During the advent calendar, from December 1st until 24th, I answer questions daily. After that the advent calendar goes on the same question answering schedule as the rest of my classes: you can write me your questions any time, but I only answer them on Mondays.

Does it cover casting clean up?

Nope, everything is wax only.

Why is the material box for the Explorer more expensive?

One of the classes in the Explorer uses a specialty wax that’s pricier than regular Ferris wax. To add a big enough quantity for you to practice and experiment with, and still add enough wax for all the other days I had to increase the price on it.

My country isn’t listed as a shipping destination for the material box!

Email me info@waxcarvers.com and I’ll add your country. I have to add all the countries manually. The destination list is based on people who bought a calendar last year.

I have one of your classes. Is there overlap between the classes and the advent calendar?

Yes, there is overlap between the advent calendar and the existing classes. Some of the classes in the advent calendar are based on techniques and projects that are covered in the full length classes.

To keep it interesting and new, 12 of the classes cover techniques and projects that I’ve never taught before!

Can this be gifted to me/can I gift it to someone else?

Sure! You have to drop some hints to make it clear you want this as a present though ;)

The person who buys it can email me info@waxcarvers.com to let me know who needs access to it. All I need is an email address and I make sure the right person gets access to the calendar.

I didn’t want it, but now that it started it looks really cool. Can I still buy it?

Sure! You can buy the Wax Carvers advent calendar until December 31st. After that it goes into storage until next year :)

Still unclear?

Email me info@waxcarvers.com and I’ll do my best to help you decide if this is the right advent calendar for you. I have no desire to sell you something you’re not going to use. The advent calendar's purpose is for you to have fun with it and learn some things along the way. If I think you won’t enjoy it for whatever reason, I’ll tell you :)

Photo of me, Sandy.


Hi I’m Sandy. I learned jewellery making, including wax carving, at the school of jewellery in Dublin. After finishing my course, I taught at the school for a year and I also taught a wax carving workshop at Lucy Walker Jewellery in Kuala Lumpur. After learning all the basics of wax carving, I practiced and experimented A LOT. Something didn’t work out the first time I tried it? No problem, just try again (and again and again…) until it does work! Practice really is the only way to get better at something :) I made this class to help you in your wax carving journey. It’s made with love (and some exasperated sighs and curses when things don’t go like I want them to). I love wax carving and I’m excited to teach you!

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